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After Baby Recovery Belt (Universal Size)

After Baby Recovery Belt (Universal Size)

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Post Pregn*ncy Recovery Body Abd0minal Belt. Stretch marks and a flabby tummy are something that you get after del*very. Some women get utterly dep-ressed because of their p0stp@rtum appearance particularly the shape and stretch marks. 

It is the Best Gift for Recent Mothers

This belt is best for new moms. New moms are facing saggy skn and back p@in. Women with natural can also use it for back p@in and loose skn. It helps to shrink down the size into its original shape. The belt holds your tummy because it works without causing you discomfort.

How To Wear?

It can be used immediately after del*very or after 14 days of c-s*ction wound healing. Please wear it 8-12 hours daily for at least 3-6 months along with diet and exercise for effective results.


  • Material: Polyester, Cotton, Spandex

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