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Telescopic Steel Rod

Telescopic Steel Rod

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“Stay prepared, stay safe with our Safety Survival Telescopic Rod – your ultimate lifeline in any adventure!”

Anti-slip handle

the design of the anti-slip handle for the handheld effectively increase friction, while the design of the anti-slip handle can also play a comfortable shock-absorbing effect, not easy to take off the hand.

Compact & Portable

With its telescopic design, our Telescopic Steel Rod is incredibly portable, allowing you to carry it discreetly and conveniently wherever you go.

Built to Last

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Telescopic Steel Rod is durable and designed to withstand intense situations, ensuring your safety for years to come.

Stay Safe Anywhere

Whether you’re walking alone at night, hiking in the wilderness, or simply looking for peace of mind, our Telescopic Steel Rod is your reliable companion.


✔Reliable quality: The aluminum alloy and handle provide a stable structure. They feel stable and safe, are durable in daily use and are used in harsh outdoor environments. ✔ Anti-slip: The surface is equipped with a non-slip texture to prevent slipping. ✔Multifunction: Integral removable handle, hard and smooth, used in emergency case and window breaker, more practicality. ✔And also ideal for family garden and outdoor activities. ✔Combined extension bar: Adjustable the length of the extension bar

Package included:

1X Telescopic Steel Rod

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